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Luminous iCruze 3000VA(2.8kVA-24V)UPS

Luminous iCruze 3000(2.8kVA/24V) UPS

₹26,990.00 Regular Price
₹18,353.20Sale Price
  • Product info

    Luminous iCruze is a Super Inverter which can run various high capacity loads like Fridge, Washing Machine, Geyser, Water Pump, Photocopiers etc. It is Super because of its Super Design, Super Connectivity & Super Technology. iCruze is an inverter with unmatchable performance and is ideal for residence, offices and commercial purpose.

    • Sine Wave Inverter
    • Rating: 2800VA / 24V
    • Bulb load : 2240W
    • 24 Month Warranty
    • By-pass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of a fault in Inverter
    • User friendly LCD Display to easily understand status of mains availability, back-up time, battery status, etc.


    • Run More load in same or less batteries: Now you can run more load with "Super Technology" of iCruze in the same no. of batteries as compare to other inverter.

    Connect & Control inverter with iCruze mobile App in Android and iOS:

    Super Connectivity" of iCruze allows you to connect & control your inverter with the iCruze app available in Android/iOS. This app shows the back-up/charging time, Load %, Battery %, Input Grid Voltage, Power Cut Trend, Battery Health, Inverter On/Off etc.


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