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AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat where the electrolyte in the cell is locked in a fiberglas mat between the plates. This valve regulated lead acid technology is low maintenance because it never needs watering.

Available in

12V 007 AH                               12V 018 AH
12V 026 AH                               12V 028 AH
12V 042 AH                               12V 065 AH
12V 084 AH                               12V 100 AH
12V 110 AH                               12V 130 AH
12V 160 AH                               12V 200 AH

EP Series


Exide Industries Ltd,the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries in India,launched in the year 1997 the power pack of the future - The VRLA battery- a result of in-house R&D efforts and technical collaboration with M/s. Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery co.,Japan,the manufacturers of HITACHI batteries.

The VRLA battery manufactured by Exide Industries Ltd uses AGM or "Absorbent Glass Mat" technology.The electrolyte is in absorbed condition,held within the pores of the glass mat separator.The separator in turn,is tightly packed in between the positive and negative plates.

General Applications

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