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Luminous offers high capacity power inverters with a broad range of different capacity variants (2KVA to 12.5 KVA) that can run everything from air conditioners at homes and restaurants to washing machines at home. Whether it is about providing power to small business running printers or scanners to petrol pumps, high capacity power inverters have got you covered

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Hi- Capacity UPS

Specially designed for running higher loads for longer hours, the Microtek High Capacity UPS Jumbo Series comes with smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit Protection and Pure Sinewave Output that makes it a powerhouse of uninterrupted backup! 

Microtek Jumbo UPS High Capacity Series is Micro Processor based PWM Technology, using Hi-Grade Mosfets/IGBTs. These are Static UPS with LCD Display, Pure Sinewave Output and Inbuilt TDR (Time Delay Relay).

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