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Yama asking your death preference

This pandemic has given you an opportunity, how you want to leave this world. Covid19 made a sudden impact in everybody's life.Now different variant has come;Covid21 and Covid 22,Covid 23,24,25 is on its way.

Economy has been suffered tremendously.School,College education ,future of students everything has gone.

From the common sense ,don't understand when industry is closed,consumer are not ready to spend for obvious reasons how share market is booming! Anyway don't want to take too much headache.

Now the main question is how to come out from this situation.Vaccine has come but it is not sufficient for entire population so lockdown is only solution as per government. It is coming in different names..."Break the chain", "Night Curfew" etc. etc.

Here Govt should give the choice to poorer section who has no savings and earn their bread and butter on daily basis. Because the poeple who has sufficient money to survive they don't require to go out but the other section will die somehow- if they don't go out they will die in poverty and if they go out then by corona.Govt should give them the liberty to choice for their death and let Yamaraja decide which way is easier for him !!!

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May 09, 2021

Death is inevitable ,It cannot be undone.So let us live life to the fullest !and Yama decide 🤔

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