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UTL 1kW Offgrid Solar System with

1 No. 1kVA Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter

3 Nos 335W Panels

1 No. 150Ah Solar Battery

UTL 1kW offgrid Solar Package

₹106,256.00 Regular Price
₹79,795.00Sale Price
  • Product info

    UTL’s 1kW Off grid solar system combines the capabilities of photovoltaic panels and solar batteries to remove the electrical grid component entirely from your system.

    Technical Information

    Product Description
    Solar System Capacity 1 kW
    Solar Panel Quantity 335watt x 3 Nos.
    Solar Inverter 1kVA Gamma+ MPPT
    Solar Battery 1nos. 150AH
    Accessories GI Solar structure, DC wire, MCB, MC4 connectors
    System warranty 25 years
    Space required 10 square meter
    Average generation 4 units per day


    Recommended load on 1kW Off grid System

     4 Fan + 4 LEDs + 1 TV  800 watt 4 Hours
    4 LEDs + 3 Fan + Fridge 800 watt 4 Hours
    4 LEDs + 2 Fan + 1 TV 500 watt 6 Hours
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