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Luminous Solar UPS-NXG 1100

Luminous NXG-1100

₹9,995.00 Regular Price
₹9,495.25Sale Price
  • Product info

    • Rated AC power: 700VA, 12V
    • Operating Voltage 100-290V
    • Max supported panel power: 12V upto 800 Wp
    • Charge Controller Rating - 40 Amp/12V, with 98% efficiency for fast charging
    • Supports single battery
    • 24 Month Warranty
    • Sine wave Solar hybrid UPS with 80% efficiency
    • Savings of 25-30% on electricity bills by reducing charging time with the help of Intelligent Logic Control
    • Power savings of 1.5 - 3 units per day* with the help of Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (iSOT).
    • Fast battery charging through i-Charge Technology, on grid power, if case of long power cuts
    • Sine wave output for safety of your sensitive appliances and noiseless operations.
    • Battery charging commences from 110 Volt which makes it suitable for both urban and rural areas
    • Supports ECO Mode & UPS mode
    • Extensive Safety and Protection through built in features for monitoring the health of your batteries and protects them against deep discharge, overcharge and short-circuit. The Main fuse for protection against excessive current thereby ensuring safety of your sensitive appliances.
    • Battery type selector to configure charging currents as per connected battery.
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