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আমি বালের মুখ্যমন্ত্রী ( I Am Chief Minister of Bal)

Interestingly It is very rightly said by herself.Any bengali who had to leave WEST BENGAL in search of job will definitely be agree with her. For last 34 years these people are only opposing.First it was CPM who destroyed the state fully by cadrebaji, gundaraj.And after that it was taken over by this so called 'didi". When Budhadev Bhattacharya just started

to do some good for this state by inviting TATA to set-up their plant at singur,this useless didi to score her political career opposed it and TATA had to shift their plant to Gujrat.Now after 10 years, what Singur has got from her.

Surprisingly the Bengalis are so dumb and useless, they always just talk about culture,culture and culture.They don't have job,they don't have food, they don't even have any desire to do anything except criticism and opposition and become didi's cadre and gunda.

This cadreraj was earlier the policy of CPM which was smoothly and seemlessly adopted by didi.

Didi's main agenda was just to oppose throughout her political career.If center or anybody tell something good for the state,she will definitely oppose it.

She targets on the ladies and give some 200/-,300/- rupees package and they think didi is their GOD. Bengalis have been made so poor, they even fear to think a reasonably good life.

The other babuclass and budhijibis are still busy with lots of lots studies and instead of involving to clear the mess they also just crticise and do "CAA CAA CHI CHI" with the same tune with didi.

Bengalis themselves are refugees but they will fight for Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims and oneday they themselves will become refugees again.They forget most of their ancestors had to leave everything at Bangladesh and stay at refugees camp during division.

Jago Banagali jago...forget about ASMITA, CULTURE etc. etc. Go for real paribartan. Attract some good industries, get jobs and get a life first...Your culture will be yours only but first get out of your handcapped life.

Most of the MA, Masi,Thakuma,Didima dont wan't any parivartan because they afraid of gundagiri after voting results.But you have to do the courage for the sake of yourself only and for your future generations....

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